4 Ways You Can Use The Stola Essentials Case

A few months ago we posted about different ways that you can style the Stola Overnight Tote. Continuing with that series, this post is all about different uses for the Essentials Case. Though it is our smallest product, the Essentials Case can hold almost everything you’ll need. Read on to learn some versatile uses for this Stola case.

An Artist’s Sidekick

Stola, Art, Art Bag, Essentials Case

For all the artists out there, you can use the Essentials Case as a fashionable holder for your artistic supplies. Use it for drawing and colored pencils, fine-tipped pens, small paints, and paint brushes. This case is even big enough to fit a small sketch pad in. Use the Essentials Case to indulge in your creativity anywhere you go.

Fashionable School Accessory

Stola, Pencil Case, Essentials Case

Any college students out there? Another great use for our Essentials Case is to use it as a pencil case. This case holds any small class supplies you’ll need, whether you’re on campus for one class or for the whole day. Pencils, pens, sharpeners, and notepads will all fit into your case. You can be stylishly prepared with the Stola Essentials Case.

The Perfect Makeup Bag

Stola, Essentials Case, Makeup Bag

Though our Stola case has many uses, it is an excellent makeup bag. It’s big enough to fit the routine of even the most extravagant makeup artist. You can fit most eyeshadow palettes, blush sets, and makeup brush kits into the Essentials Case, along with any smaller makeup items you use. Let the Essentials Case become your new go-to makeup bag. 

Diaper Bag Organizer

Stola, Diaper Bag, The Essentials Case

The Essentials Case is a great accessory for new moms. Pair it with a diaper bag to add to your fashionable and functional mom style. This case is great to separate clean diapers, packaged snacks, or backup baby clothes and onesies from everything else in your diaper bag. So, you can quickly find what you need, even during a stressful motherhood moment. Be a prepared parent with the help of the Essentials Case.

Style Your Stola 

How would you use the Stola Essentials Case? Let us know in the comments, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Check the blog every other week for new posts and look out for our next post in this series about different ways to use our Utility Tote. 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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