Celebrate International Women’s Day with Stola

Did you know today is International Women’s Day? Today we’re celebrating our women-owned business and our Stola products, designed to make life easier for women with busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

If you’re a woman who wears multiple hats on a daily basis, Stola is for you. These hats could be mother, sister, employee, business owner, wife, or girlfriend. There’s no limit to the possible titles worn by a busy woman. That’s why there’s Stola.

international women's day, stola

Stola is designed to solve your everyday problems. Our products help you adapt to the unexpected, face obstacles with a positive outlook, and remain resilient through sudden challenges.

You don’t have to feel limited with our versatile product line. Featuring wipeable, durable, and water resistant material, Stola helps keeps your day on track—whatever life throws at you.


 international women's day, stola

As you know, Stola is one of many brands under HMS Mfg. Co. Our company is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

HMS Mfg. Co.’s female president Janet Sofy has been a part of the company for over 30 years. Our Stola team includes several women as well, who worked to design and grow a product made for women by women.

The Stola team is part of a larger community of women making a difference in the world. HMS Mfg. Co. is proud to be certified as a women’s business enterprise. It’s a designation that gives our team unique insights into the desired design and development of home products.  

How Can Stola Help You?

Our line of fashionable tote bags and decorative storage bins exist to make your life easier. We know that you’re on-the-go, and our products are made to match your lifestyle. Everything you need is accessible, so you never have to slow down. Check out the benefits of our five Stola products currently featured on the Shop Stola website.

Essentials Case

Description: Carry all your essentials with this versatile must-have case. No worries over spilled makeup or toiletries with the easily wipeable, water resistant material. With the Essentials Case you’re able to have your whole morning routine on-hand while getting ready at the gym or spending the night at a friend’s. Bring it on trips, have it in class, and use it at work—always have the essentials.

Why it’s beneficial: Finally, a makeup bag that fits all your beauty products, hair accessories, and skincare moisturizers. It’s great for getting ready at the gym before work or spending the night away from home. Try it in our Indigo Banding pattern and maybe even go for a second in our Hummingbird Houndstooth to transport school or office supplies.        

File Bin

Description: File folders are an eyesore, so we designed a patterned File Bin that helps bring some color to your work desk and home office. The material is water resistant and durable to better protect your files. It’s difficult to find a home for important documents and records; let this decorative bin be your go-to for managing your paper clutter.

Why it’s beneficial: There are currently papers on top of my printer, mail on my dining room table, and important documents stuffed in my desk drawers. It would be so much better to keep all these documents in one place. They would be nicely organized and easily accessible. Paper clutter is the worst, the File Bin helps solve that problem. 

Full Bin with Lid

Description: Smartly organize your home with this decorative storage bin. A stylish storage item that you don’t have to hide from house guests, the Full Bin with Lid can conveniently hold toys, home décor items, craft supplies, and more. Try the bin in bedrooms, closets, and even cabinets—the clear lid allows easy visibility of the contents within. This home storage solution is a great tool to remove the clutter from your life.

Why it’s beneficial: For when you’re running out of storage space and need to hide your stuff in plain sight. The Full Bin is a stylish home décor item that helps to organize your home. Easily hide pet toys and crafts when you’re having friends and family over. They’ll be quickly accessible as soon as everyone leaves, so you can dedicate more time to play and less to housework.

Overnight Tote

Description: Prioritize traveling in style with this fashionable tote bag. Weekend trips are a breeze with the Overnight Tote, especially when paired with the Essentials Case. Conveniently organize all your necessities with the tote’s numerous pockets. You’re not limited to just weekend holidays and quick business trips—this extra-large fashion bag is the perfect accessory for the gym or a busy day where you’re continually on-the-go.

Why it’s beneficial: I use this tote to carry my ski equipment, and when I spend the night at my boyfriend’s house. The Overnight Tote is fashionable, so you can use it as an everyday purse, a reusable store bag, or a teacher bag. It’s a great beach accessory, and it works as a travel companion. This tote can basically do it all.   

Utility Tote

Description: Store trips, dog park escapades, and sports games—the Utility Tote is designed for the messier parts of life. This bag is easily cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about throwing dog toys or game cleats into this item. With its sturdy wire frame and durable material, this tote is built to handle whatever life throws at you.

Why it’s beneficial: The Utility Tote is sturdy, so it’s good for different equipment—like gardening tools, specialty sports shoes, and large dog toys. Plus, it makes a great reusable bag when running to the store, so you can be stylish and good for the environment. It’s a win-win with the Utility Tote. 

What Fits Your Life?

international women's day, stola, fashion bag, decorative storage bin

Stola was made with you in mind. It’s Designed to Hold the Important Things™, so all your necessities are within reach with our products. Check out our product page to discover which items fit best in your life. Don’t forget to show us your Stola style on Instagram with #showyourStola. 

Written and Published – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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