Decorating Advice to Help you Through the Winter Blues

We’re well into winter now and the cold, snowy, and overcast weather is starting to put a damper on our daily routines. The seasonal absence of warmth and sun is a real downer and causes us to be more sedentary during this time of year.

To avoid these sluggish feelings from keeping you down, we’ve assembled some decorating advice to help guide you through those winter blues. These five decorating tips can help brighten up your home and office, making you feel more vibrant during these next few months of winter weather.

Your space will be livelier and encourage you to stay active, not only to maintain your health through the season, but to keep an upbeat mood. Follow our decorating advice in this post to light up your winter.

Have Some Greenery Indoors 

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 All the flowers and trees outside are dead or dormant, so bring some more life to your space by buying a plant. I’ve always wanted to try to keep up with buying fresh flowers every few weeks to have around my home. Unfortunately, it’s more like every few months, but in the winter keeping fresh flowers around gives your home a splash of bright color and life.

If you’re not great at watering or want a more long-term plant for your household, I recommend trying succulents. They only need to be watered once a week at most and there’s a variety to choose from. You can get several small ones to place around your home or larger ones to keep in a common area.

Combining several small succulents in a large pot is also a common practice. This allows you to mix n’ match different colors and styles of this versatile plant, boosting the dynamic energy throughout your home.

Another great plant trend to try out is air plants. I’m personally a huge fan of this home décor trend and plan to put some up at my new place when I move in a few months. Most air plants are even easier to take care of than succulents and they’re a great adornment to brighten up your home year-around, so you can enjoy them for more than just fending off the winter blues.

Light Up Your Home

winter blues, decorating tips, decorating advice

String lights aren’t just for holiday decorating, you can buy a pack to keep up all year long. There’s a variety of styles and colors, so you can easily find lights that match your home or bedroom décor. There are even themed hanging lights; if you’re a super fan of any popular TV, book, or movie series there’s a good chance you can find a set of string lights to match your interest.

Splash of Color 

winter blues, decorating tips, decorating advice

Sporadically incorporate brightly colored items and decorations throughout your house in the winter to create a more vibrant atmosphere. Depending on how you approach this design recommendation, you can keep these décor items up throughout spring and summer as well.

You can easily place small colorful accent items around your house, such as throw blankets, decorative pillows, and decorative storage bins. These items imbue your space with pops of bright color. Focus on using cheerful colors such as sunny yellows and vivid blues.

To create an even more distinctive look, include brightly colored rugs, drapes, and even small furniture items, such as ottomans or side tables. These items are a little pricier, so aim for colors that match your current décor and can seamlessly transition into spring and summer without looking out of place in your home.

Keep it Cozy 

winter blues, decorating tips, decorating advice

Sprinkling your home with light and color is a great start to fighting off those winter blues, but you’ll need to surround yourself with comfort and warmth to survive the winter chill. Have a few fleece blankets on hand throughout your house to ensure you’re always cozy during these next few months.

Whether you spend time in a reading nook, the living or family room, or your bedroom—a fleece blanket will ready the space for winter and add a homey touch to the room.  Another tip to cozy up your home is to wrap it in wool.

You can probably buy wool covers, but it’s an easy DIY project. Use some old sweaters to create a cozy for different indoor décor items, such as vases. Cut off the sleeves and use these old clothing pieces as a comfy wintertime decoration.

Scent Sensations 

winter blues, decorating tips, decorating advice

A diffuser with essential oils can send burst of scents throughout your home all winter long. With aromatherapy you can easily chose the scents you want to use to relieve winter lethargy and lift your spirits. Lavender, lemon, and vanilla create a calm atmosphere and help control emotional stress and relive anxiety.

Jasmine promotes optimistic feelings and helps to revitalize your energy. For an overall feeling of happiness try citrus essential oils. Tangerine, lime, and orange help bring a sense of peace to your life, reliving anger and irritation.

Time to Decorate like a Pro

Hopefully this decorating advice helps you defeat the winter blues this season. Vibrant colors and bright lights will help to lighten your home and improve your mood, while living plants and flowers remind you that even in freezing temperatures life can thrive.

I’m excited to stay cozy all winter with my Snuggie® and enjoy the scents of summer with my roommate’s essential oil diffuser. What are your plans to get through the winter blues?

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