Full Bin Vs. File Bin: Which Stola Storage Bin Should You Choose?

About two months ago, we made a post comparing our Stola Overnight Tote to our Utility Tote to help you decide which one would be right for your life. Well, we’re back at it with the comparisons. In this post we discuss the differences in usage between our Full Bin with Lid and our Stola File Bin.

We know everyone has different needs, and some of our products will fit into your life better than others—or differently than others. So, we’re comparing these decorative storage bins so you can learn more about each one and how you could use it.

Both our Full Bin and our File Bin have so many different uses you may have never thought about. Read our comparison chart below to learn about what you can use these Stola products for, along with their unique features.     

 Full Bin with Lid

File Bin 

  • Great for small items, use it to help remove the clutter around your house
  • Put it in a cube organizing system and easily pull it out by the handle whenever you want to take it with you
  • The water resistant material is easily wiped clean, so don’t worry about leaving it in potentially messy areas
  • Store kid’s stuff in it and use it as a storage cube in their rooms
  • The clear lid allows you to easily see the contents
  • Keep extra toiletries or toilet paper in here and place it inside your bathroom or your bathroom storage closet
  • Use the handles to easily transport this bin
  • You can put it in the car to store small items like umbrellas and extra accessories such as sunglasses, hats, or gloves; it'll even fit most light jackets 
  • Use it for your dog or cat toys
  • Your go-to spot for documents, records, and any other papers cluttering up your home
  • A fashionable file bin for your work desk or home office
  • Move this bin around your home or office with its handles
  • It fits standards size file folders for you to organize tax records, health documents, and other important papers
  • Great to place on a bookshelf for an easy to reach location
  • Easily clean the material if you accidentally spill on it—such as coffee while you’re in the office
  • Use it as a kitchen recipe holder to organize your recipe cards
  • The material is water resistant to help protect your papers
  • Features an exterior front pocket for a small notebook, pencils, or pens
  • Add some Stola style to your college dorm room with this file bin; you can organize syllabi, papers, homework, and all those important documents you need as an adult

 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews 

“Perfect size for my needs. Will be ordering more soon.” – Nancy K.


“The Full Bin with Lid would be perfect for my dog’s toys.” – Sarah

“I have been trying to find something to organize important documents. It needed to look nice and be functional. I finally found it, LOVE this product.” – Laurie

“The File Bin is perfect for student life.” – Miranda


Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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