For the Homebody: 4 Fun Indoor Activities

It’s officially winter now and, with the cold biting at your nose, staying inside is a cozier alternative this season. No snow boots, outdoor apparel, or runny noses to worry about while your cuddling up in a blanket. You’re starting to consider ways to pass the winter, such as watching a new Netflix® show or reading a book series. 

However, if you’re getting ready to spend the majority of the next three months indoors, chances are you’ll get bored pretty quick. Especially if you have kids. We’re here to help if you need some ideas for fun indoor activities when it’s just too cold to hang out outside. 

Create a Scavenger Hunt

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You can hide little clues all over your home for your kids to find in this adventurous way to spend an afternoon or evening. This is an exciting way to keep your children busy and works especially well if you have some chores to do.

You can entertain the kids while still getting all the necessities done. This does take some set-up time on your part to think up the riddles and hiding spots. Make sure the kids know everything is inside the home, so they don’t go wandering off into the cold.

For a more adult version of this idea try this subscription box. The box comes right to your door and implores you to solve puzzles and codes using all the clues inside. You can take on the mystery yourself, with a significant other, or as a group of detectives. 

Attempt a New Recipe

indoor activities, fun indoor activities, homebody

If you have some time to kill on a weekday or aren’t busy one Saturday, consider spending a few hours making a more complicated or more time-consuming recipe. It could be a dinner recipe you saved to your Facebook® forever ago, a decadent dessert you’ve always wanted to tackle, or an interesting recipe you’ve just found from a quick Google® search.

Depending on the complexity, this recipe could take up a good part of your day. This can be a solo endeavor, a challenge for the kids, or a day-date for you and your partner.

A few entrees I recommend trying are beef wellington, chicken tikka masala, or potato and cheese perogies for a vegetarian option. A good place to check out dessert recipes is Chelsweets. She has a variety of fancy cake recipes that probably take a ridiculously long time.

Play A Board Game

indoor activities, fun indoor activities, homebody Board games are an often overlooked way to spend the afternoon, but it’s an activity that can easily involve the whole family, keep kids occupied, or be played with friends. There’s a lot more variety than just Apples to Apples® and Pie Face!®. Even the usual go-to party game Cards Against Humanity® needs a shake-up from time to time.

Trying some new games might take a trip to a specialty game store. They usually have a wider variety than Meijer® and Target® and sales associates are more knowledgeable in the category.

Try Betrayal at House on the Hill if you’re looking for a game for you and friends, or for older children. This horror-themed game is a little more complicated, but that only makes it more gripping as your absorbed into the storyline.

For elementary-aged kids, I’m always a fan of Monopoly because it will take you several hours. So, if your kids will stay on-task that long you can easily pass the whole afternoon with this game.

For those with toddler and preschool-aged children you’ll want to set up an assortment of games, as most games for this age group don’t take very long. You can even make it into a little tournament where your kids can jump from one game to the next. Try these recommendations:

  • First Orchard, ages 2+: A basic game that also incorporates healthy food.
  • Robot Turtles Game, 4+: An educational game that let’s your little ones learn while still having fun!
  • Pack of Giant Games: Includes toddler-sized checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and cards.
  • Honeycomb Havoc!, ages 3+: An adorable game where you poke out honeycomb blocks.

Build an Indoor Maze

indoor activities, fun indoor activities, homebody

There are a few ways you can go about building a maze for your little ones or your rambunctious friends. Tearing apart sturdy boxes to create walls will probably work for smaller children, but the rest of us require a little more accommodation.

You could go with the fort method and cover the furniture in your house with blankets to create a covered maze. You can also just use lots of boxes to create a domed maze of cardboard. Either option will likely require the maze-goers to crawl on their hands and knees, so be prepared.

Embrace the Homebody

indoor activities, fun indoor activities, homebody

Whatever indoor activities you choose to spend your time on this winter, make the most of the season. These ideas are more interactive than watching Netflix® or scrolling online, so that you can add a little excitement to your life even though the cold is turning you into a seasonal homebody.

If you live in a warmer state and can go outside in the winter without fear of freezing or frostbite, keep these in your pocket for a rainy day. Which one do you think will be the most exciting?

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