Halloween is in the (Stola) Bag

Fall has really been flying by and, with a good chunk of the season already behind us, it’s time to kick-off the holiday season with some Halloween festivities! Stola is here to help with any and all Halloween plans. For all your spooky holiday celebrations turn to your Stola Utility Tote Bag.

This tote is your must-have for any upcoming parties, trick-or-treat outings, and school Halloween celebrations for your little ones. For any new readers who haven’t experienced our stylish Stola products yet, try them out! The Utility Tote can help you with all upcoming holiday celebrations for the rest of the year. 

Halloween Party

Halloween, Stola

Who still has a Halloween party coming up? Shout out to my November crowd for keeping the holiday alive even after October. For anyone celebrating Halloween on its dedicated (Thurs)day this year, it can be tricky to switch from work and office life into a stylish witch, or vampire, or princess.

This is where the Utility Tote comes in handy. Just stuff your costume and anything else you may need into the tote in the morning and keep it in your trunk throughout the workday. Quickly switch it up after work and be on your way to that Halloween celebration.


Halloween, Stola

If you have little ones planning to trick-or-treat—or maybe trunk-or-treat—this year, the Utility Tote can be great for carrying extra costume pieces or wrapped candy. Especially for a trunk-or-treat event, you could even fit a themed bowl full of wrapped candy inside the bag.

If you’re a homebody giving away candy this Halloween, make sure to pick up some last-minute wrapped candy at the grocery store with our tote. It’s a great way to be eco-friendly this Halloween.

Elementary Halloween Celebrations

Halloween, Stola

 With Halloween on a weekday this year, those of us with elementary-aged children will be sending the kids to school in Halloween costumes. Hopefully, you’ll all have time to visit during the parties as well as volunteer to help out in the classroom.

For those who volunteer to bring Halloween supplies, the Utility Tote is a great option for lugging them around everywhere. Easily put a covered plate full of cookies or brownies into the bag or throw in some wrapped candy goodie bags for the class. 

Styling with Stola

 You can count on being holiday ready with Stola this year. Shop the rest of our collection in preparation for the end of the year. And share your Stola Halloween looks with us on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Halloween! 🎃

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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