Helpful Tips to Easily Pack All Your Cute Spring Break Outfits

With spring break on the horizon, upcoming vacations are on everyone’s mind. Maybe you’re preparing for a relaxing week with no college classes or getting ready for a family trip to somewhere warm. You could be hopping on a plane for the beach, driving for two days to reach some sunny weather, or settling in to spend a week in your hometown.

But just because you’re only going away for a week doesn’t mean you won’t need that extra outfit, cute top that you never wear, or five pairs of shoes—just in case. If you’re one to overpack, this list of packing tips will help you confidently take everything you need (and some things you don’t) with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to easily pack that extra just-in-case cute outfit with these helpful packing tips for your spring break trip.

Packing the Right Way is Key 

If you’re a constant over packer who has to sit on their suitcase to get it closed—there’s an easier way. I always used to plan out outfits for a vacation and keep them together by neatly folding them and placing them in my suitcase. Unfortunately, folding isn’t the most effective way to use space in your luggage, no matter how nice it looks.

If you really want to be able to fit all your must-haves, I recommend rolling up your clothes. Roll up shirts, skirts, and shorts so that they take up less space. Place your socks in your jeans/pants and roll them up as well. These techniques save a ton of space and also open up a lot of space if you need to make room for seven more things that you’ll definitely need on your five-day trip.

What Luggage to Buy?

Are you all about sticking to a carry on? Or are you a traveler who always has to weigh their bag before heading to the airport to avoid paying overweight fees? Either way, you should have luggage that fits your needs.

If your goal is to always be able to fit everything you need in a carry on, check out our Stola Overnight Tote. This item is great for light packers who don’t want a lot of luggage to carry. And if you use our recommended packing technique, you can fit even more into this extra-large fashion tote. The multiple pockets on this tote are great for organizing all your necessities as well. Pair it with the Stola Essentials Case to easily access all your permitted bags and bottles.  

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If you’re going to be a road trip traveler this spring break, the Overnight Tote also makes a great day-to-day carry pack. Don’t feel limited by this tote—it’s our best seller for a reason. Even just using it as an everyday purse allows you to easily carry everything you’ll need while having daily adventures on your spring break. If you’re a relax-in-the-sun vacationer, the Overnight Tote-Essentials Case pairing is also great for a beach day trip—especially for over packers.  

Save Space with SHRINK-PAK

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Speaking of overpacking, what can help you pack as much as possible in a checked bag? SHRINK-PAK™ compression bags are great to conserve space while packing everything you want to take on your spring break trip. Place rolled or folded clothes into SHRINK-PAK bags and remove the air with a vacuum.

These space saving bags are a must for the constant over packer. Whether you use one or five bags, SHRINK-PAK helps you easily pack all your cute outfits and accessories. Plus, it adds more room to your suitcase, so don’t forget to throw in your top five favorite pairs of shoes too. Going through nightly outfit changes on vacation has never been easier with SHRINK-PAK travel bags.

Hometown Staycation

The semester is halfway over, and you have a week to worry a little less about papers, readings, and tests. For all students returning to your parents’ house this weekend, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips for staycation packing. When coming home from college, there are two main things to bring: dirty laundry and extra stuff taking up too much space in your apartment or dorm.

If you’re looking to switch out some winter clothing to debut a spring wardrobe after break, SHRINK-PAK can conveniently store all your bulky sweaters. The vacuum storage bags are also great for bedding and blankets. As for all your dirty laundry, our  Lamper™ XL With Lid is easy to carry and has a large capacity. The lid helps you transport your dirty clothes with less worry of them falling out and getting lost or misplaced.  

What’s Your Style?

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Our products match the needs of just about every traveler. Stola is designed to make your life easier, so you’re on-the go lifestyle stays on-the-go. Use Stola to keep your necessities, essentials, and anything else you might want easily accessible.

Hopefully something catches your eye to help you stay on-track this vacation. What are your spring break plans? Let us know in the comments! And if you do happen to use Stola on your vacation, let us know on Instagram with #showyourStola.

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