Helping You Prepare for Send A Card to a Friend Day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day is on February 7th and we’ve got you covered. Our designers have created a few printable cards that you can save and send out this Thursday.

Scroll down to access our free cards and read on to learn more about the history behind the day and how you can get a card exchange going. Let your friends know how much they mean to you by sending them a card on this national day.

What’s with this Random Day?

In the digital age there are quite a few activities society has left behind, including sending cards and letters to friends and family through snail mail. Send A Card to a Friend Day helps celebrate the days of mailed romantic love letters, Christmas cards, and thank you notes.

Of course, you can always send an e-card, but people so rarely receive anything in the mail that’s not advertisements or credit card promotions. Getting a personal letter delivered to your mailbox feels more meaningful, and your friend will recognize that you took time out of your day to think about them.

There’s no real history for national Send a Card to a Friend Day, but greeting card history goes way back. According to Wikipedia, the practice of sending greetings and personal sentiment can be traced back to Ancient China and Egypt, not arising in Europe until the 15th century when Germans printed New Year’s greetings from woodcuts.

This early form of sending greeting cards was more expensive because cards were handmade and hand delivered. Around the 1850s the process became commercialized and greeting cards were mass produced starting in the 1860s.

How Do I Do a Card Exchange?

Ever see your friends post on Facebook® about a gift or book exchange? The idea is the same, just make a post on Facebook® to see who would be interested in a card exchange.

Have your friends like, comment, whatever you need to know they’re interested. Then direct message everyone who showed interest to get their information for a card exchange—mainly just their address.

After you get everyone’s information you can pair people together to send a card to each other or mix and match different people. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a social media exchange, you can do the same with your group of friends. Pull names from a hat to figure out who everyone is sending their cards to, then save and print our card designs to personalize and send  out your card.

Decorate & Design

national send a card to a friend day, send a card, card exchange

Our team has designed some decorative cards for you to send, but what about the envelopes? Add a little fun to the solid design by decorating your card’s envelope. If you have any crazy penmanship or calligraphy skills, you can start by fancying up your friend’s name and address.

The sky’s the limit with the rest of the space—throw some glitter in the envelope for an opening surprise, put different washi tape styles all over the outside, draw a picture if you’re the artistic type—anything goes.    

Another way to adorn the plain white envelope is with stamps. Shop the USPS online stamp store to find detailed stamp designs you never even knew existed. 

You can go simple with some clipart-esque designs, shop for some American icons like JFK and Elvis Presley, or opt for some views of national scenery. There are several different images, including the Joshua Tree National Park or the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Go all out to celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day.

Celebrate Your Friendships

national send a card to a friend day, send a card, card exchange 

national send a card to a friend day, send a card, card exchange

national send a card to a friend day, send a card, card exchange

I challenge you to send a card to at least one friend to celebrate this day. Hopefully we’ve made it easy by providing you with our unique card designs. Just save it, print it, write a few sentimental lines, seal it, stamp it, and send it.  

It can be as simple as letting a friend know you miss them and are thinking about them. I can’t wait to send some of these cute card designs to my friends this week, who will you send a card to in celebration of National Send a Card to a Friend Day?

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