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It’s basically fall and what better way to usher in the new season than with some redecorating. Here at Stola two of our designers, Kaitlyn and Emma*, recently researched some different style trends including design themes, popular materials and finishes, and color trends. Follow some of these trending home décor ideas to transform your home just in time for the holiday season.

Start with Some Color

Are you a bright and vibrant decorator? Or do you prefer some softer colors? Whatever your style, you can match it with some of the trending colors of 2019. If you have more of an understated look you should definitely try to add some smoke blue to your home.

Emma describes it as a soft update to gray that adds color without being overwhelming. Some other popular colors that match your style are pastel blue and champagne.

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If you want more of a bold, dramatic look, try rich blue hues. This shade is especially popular in certain pieces of furniture including couches and chairs. It also works as a luxurious paint color—maybe for an accent wall? Another dramatic color is black. You can use it to add intensity to spaces around your home.

Perhaps the most popular color trend of 2019 is lively and energetic colors that can really add a pop of color to rooms. Millennial pink is out, and peach is in as its new bright replacement.

Use light green and mint shades to add some accent pieces to your home if this trend matches your style. And you’ll want to include some yellow around your home to really create some bright and uplifting spaces.

What Designs Should You Have in Mind?

Now that you’ve got your color palette picked out it’s time for some new design ideas. For you earth-tone loving designers, check out some new bohemian pieces. The Desert Bohemian theme is less vibrant and more down-to-earth. Its mix-matched textures can add some fun to your home. 

Go for a more modern look with a minimalist design. Furniture with minimalist shapes is the way to go for this style. That means lots of smooth textures and curved sides instead of edges. This design trend is popular in everything from functional furniture to different home décor items. 

Bring nature inside your home with this next design trend. It’s all about using rough and natural materials, like wood, to help give your indoor space an outdoor feel. Another part of this trend is plants. Give life to your indoor spaces by decorating with house plants. Change up the display styles to give a fresh look to the plant trend.  

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Spice up any of the above designs with some wallpaper, which is coming back in fashion. Wallpaper is being used as an accent wall to liven things up in rooms and add some texture. 

Time for The Final Touches  

Finish up your redecorating with some trending materials and finishes. A big trend this year is mixing patterns and textures. So, don’t be afraid to go bold with some of your décor pieces. This mismatching adds lots of life to a room and is sure to be noticed by guests. Try some prismatic finishes with your mix matched materials. This iridescent hue helps add to the “more is more” trend.

Go a little higher end with some gold material and finishes. It’s being paired with black this year for a more upscale look. Try it for décor or finishes in your kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re sticking with the whole natural materials design theme, then you need to check out some rattan and wicker furniture. This furniture is made from plants and trees, so you’ll definitely be blending the outdoors into your indoor space with these furniture pieces.

Stola, home decor

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Decorate with Stola

Follow these trending design ideas to find your style this fall. You can help add to your home’s décor with our whole collection of Stola products. Check them out at shopstola.com and see how Stola fits into your life.

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*Designers at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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