Effective Home Organization Solutions for the New Year

Now that Christmas is over and you can enjoy a weekend that doesn’t involve gift shopping, it’s finally time for a little relaxation. If your December was as busy as mine, this may be the first weekend all month where you have no plans.

While your spending time inside your home this weekend, you might realize just how unkempt the holidays can be for your household. With all those new gifts lying around it’s definitely time to reorganize your home. We’ve come up with a few home storage solutions that will help you finish your home organization project in time for New Year’s Eve. 

Toy chests, closet organizers, and basement storage—all will be easily within your reach with our recommendations. We’re kind of experts on storage, so this clean-up will be a breeze for you.

When Closet Meets Clothes

As you get older a popular gift around the holidays is clothes and accessories. Socks are a big one. We all hated getting socks when we were 11, but now they’re always high on the wish list.

Unfortunately, every time I add new clothes to my closet, I’m pretty sure it audibly groans. I usually try to throw out a few things when I get new clothes, but sometimes that habit falls to the wayside. If you have trouble parting with clothing (or jewelry or shoes), your closet may be in need of some organizing.  

Hanging organizers are a great way to conveniently store shoes, folded clothes, or even toys. They can be placed in the closet, but some are also able to be hung on the back of doors. If you’re able to place a hanging organizer behind your closet door it’s a great space-saving, easily concealable storage solution. You can also use a shoe rack to organize shoes on your closet floor. 

If you own a lot of jewelry, I recommend an organizer for that as well. This three-in-one jewelry organizer is versatile, so you can choose the style that best works with your home’s layout and organization needs.

Holiday Home Storage  

The holiday season is coming to an end, and it’s just about time to hang up all those decorations, storing them away until next December. Luckily, we shine when it comes to storage. Here are a few products we could all use when it comes to storing Christmas decorations: 

Hefty® Holiday Tote – Small

home organization, home storage solutions, new year

Hefty® Holiday Tote – Large


home organization, home storage solutions, new year


Hefty® Ornament Box – Small


home organization, home storage solutions, new year


Hefty® Ornament Box – Large

home organization, home storage solutions, new yearA little self-product plug here, but I do use Hefty® totes for my Halloween decorations and it’s helped immensely with decluttering my basement shelves.

Toys, Toys, Toys

home organization, home storage solutions, new year, stola, decorative storage bin

Aside from the aforementioned hanging toy organizer, there are several stylish home storage solutions for your kid’s (or fur baby’s) new toys. A favorite storage item of mine that blends perfectly with a room’s décor is ottoman storage.

Personally, I prefer the longer bench ottoman storage containers to store more items. The dual-functionality of these are great. Plus, it’s easy to find a decorative storage bench that fits with your home’s design. And since it fits right in, you don’t have to hide this home storage solution from guests.

If you’re looking for some age-appropriate storage for inside a child’s bedroom, these little animal-shaped storage ottoman’s are adorable. They’re a little classier than a plastic bin and would work great for smaller toys. Another option is to use a cube system with fabric bins to smartly conceal toys within a child’s bedroom or throughout the house.

Storing that New KitchenAid®

home organization, home storage solutions, new year

No kitchen is complete without an array of utensils, endless spices, and an over-abundance of food products. You’ve probably stocked up in advance for the holidays, and baking Christmas cookies and cooking for family celebrations has turned your kitchen into a bit of a nightmare.

Even the organization that existed before the holidays is lacking. Now is a great time to redesign your kitchen’s storage layout.

Let’s start with a spice rack. You can go with on-the-counter spice storage or a wall-mounted spice rack for aesthetic spice organization. Or you can hide your spices in a cabinet or pantry with this spice rack for an uncluttered look.

Speaking of clutter, it’s time to focus of your utensil organization. Rather than having every serving spoon, spatula, and ladle thrown together in a drawer, you’ll probably find a more sensible storage option easier. Opt for a counter-top container to proudly display your cooking ware. To conceal utensils, try this drawer organizer.

If you’re kitchen isn’t as large, or doesn’t have efficient storage space, there are a few products out there that can help you do more with less. This kitchen organizer can help organize kitchen counters, pantries, or cabinets. And this organizer shelf adds an extra level to your storage, so that you can stack your kitchen wares and take up less space.  

Your Home Storage Solutions 

home organization, home storage solutions, new year, stola, decorative storage bin

With these recommendations you can show your friends that you’re a home organization pro. Anyone coming to your house in the new year will be so impressed with your savvy and stylish home storage methods.

Toys, holiday decorations, and kitchen utensils are concealed, and your home is Wow!-worthy. Do you have any organization tips you use in your home? Comment below to let us know! 

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