How to Boost Your Gift Giving Skills with Stola

A couple weeks ago, we posted about what Stola gifts you could give to the women on your Christmas list to help make your holiday shopping a little easier. Well, this post is also about gift giving with Stola, but in a whole different way.

I want to help you improve your gift giving presentation with recommendations on what kind of gifts you can give inside Stola products. So, instead of using wrapping paper or a plastic bag, you can hide your gifts in Stola!

And it’s a double win, since the packaging is also a present. You can be the master of Christmas gifts this year with the help of Stola. 

The Essentials Case

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You can’t go wrong using our Essentials Case as a gift giving package. As our ideal makeup bag, it’s a great option for gifting some beauty products, hair care items, or skincare. Check out these holiday sets from Sephora for some ideas!

But don’t feel limited to just makeup with the Essentials Case, it’s small and easily carried—offering multiple gift holding options. Try wrapped chocolate or candy for your friend with the sweet tooth. Or you can use the Essentials Case to gift some colored drawing pencils or markers to the artist in your life.

The Utility Tote

Stola, Christmas, Christmas Gifts

Any big gift givers out there? Our Utility Totes are our largest item and the go-to for some larger gifts you might be giving this year. If you have any board game fanatics in your life, this tote could easily hold a few. Keep it your trunk as a car utility tote.  

Or what about any home décor aficionados? Gift them some holiday décor with this tote. The recipient will appreciate the new adornments and will love that they can use the Utility Tote for future décor shopping sprees. 

The Full Bin with Lid

Stola, Christmas Gifts, Christmas

I always love receiving clothes for Christmas. As long as you know someone’s style, you can never go wrong getting them some cute shirts or a dress for their Christmas gift. You could even go all out and get someone a whole outfit! Then gift it to them in our Full Bin with Lid.

Simply place the clothes and shoes inside, and stick some tissue paper over it to hide the contents. Slip some jewelry into the bin’s front pocket for an added accessory to the outfit.

The Overnight Tote

Stola, Christmas, Christmas Gifts

This tote is one of our best sellers, so you know it makes a great gift all on its own. But it becomes even better when there are more presents inside. Use the Overnight Tote to gift someone on your list an extra-comfy blanket.

Winter is the time for them to shine, and West Elm has a very soft and cozy collection this year.  You should also take advantage of the interior pockets on this tote—they’re perfect for holding gift cards.

Our Essentials Case complements our Overnight Tote, so consider some Stola-ception by gifting the tote with the case inside, then put some presents inside the case. This way you can add even more fun to unwrapping presents.

The File Bin

Stola, Christmas, Christmas Gifts

Files aren’t exactly a coveted gift, but our File Bin is a stylish and functional item that can be easily used as a gift box! Add a few recommended reads to the File Bin and gift them to the bookworm in your life. Consider using the front pocket for some nifty bookmarks. The book lover on your Christmas list will love both gifts!

The Season of Giving with Stola 

Christmas is only two weeks out. Order your Stola now on our website to get it in time for the holiday. And feel free to share any unboxing photos with us on our Facebook or Instagram. Happy Holidays! 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

Copyright © 2019 by HMS Mfg. Co.  All Rights Reserved

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