How to Stylishly Organize Your Home & Life with Stola

Decorative storage bins, a file folder bin, fashionable cases, and stylish tote bags—Stola’s first generation product line is versatile and fits into several places in your life and home.

This “How-to” blog post will give you tips on how to organize your home with our different Stola products, as well as how our products can be beneficial while you’re on the go. Get more out of your Stola with these ideas. 

The Full Bin with Lid 

This decorative storage bin is great as a stand-alone cube or works in various storage systems and furniture pieces. The clear lid allows you to easily view the contents within, making it great for storage anywhere around your home!

Where to place this storage bin?

  • Put it in your living room or family room—great for storing pet toys!
  • Use it in a bedroom for miscellaneous items that are hard to store
  • A great closet storage item—you can use it for shoes, scarfs, or winter accessories
  • Style up your entryway or hallway furniture with these decorative cube storage bins

Turn to the Full Bin with Lid for stylish storage that you don’t have to—and won’t want to—hide from house guests. You can also throw it into your car for convenient on-the-go storage!

The Utility Tote

A women’s tote bag that’s great for on-the-go storage! The Utility Tote is ideal as a reusable bag during trips to the store, and it has a sturdy wireframe that allows you easy access to the contents within when used throughout your home. This feature lets you efficiently pack items or store things that you can conveniently grab whenever you need it. 

How can you use this stylish tote bag?

  • Keep it in your mud room or garage for dog toys, sports gear, and tools
  • An obvious on-the-go solution that you can use as a reusable grocery bag, party supply carrier, or plant and flower transporter
  • Take it out to the park for a picnic or use it during gardening to carry everything you need around your yard

Turn to this fashionable bag for all of your toting needs—it’s great for the messier parts of life. 

The File Bin

You may think of a file folder bin as a one-use product, but our patterned File Bin is a versatile solution to solve the paper clutter in your life. This file bin is a fashionable go-to for organizing your documents, records, and any other loose papers you may have lying around the house.

It holds standard size file folders, so you can easily store and organize tax documents, instruction manuals, receipts, and coupons—just to name a few things. But don’t feel limited to what you can do with this file bin.

Your fashionable and functional paper storage:

  • Put it in the kitchen as a recipe holder
  • Place it on your bookshelf for easy access to bookmarks
  • Keep it on your home or work desk to organize job-related documents

Every house guest will be sure to notice your style when they spot this File Bin around your home.

The Overnight Tote 

Unlike the Utility Tote, this women’s tote bag is solely an on-the-go solution. It has so many uses to help solve your problems while you are out and about.

See what the Overnight Tote can do for you:

  • The exterior mesh pocket is great for beverage containers—use this tote as a fashionable gym bag
  • Get that “It has pockets!” level of excitement with the interior pockets in this tote. They help give you easy access to your ID and phone while traveling
  • Be professional without losing style when you use this as a stylish tote bag for work
  • It’s ideal to use in the classroom for teachers or as a fashion bag for college students

Stay on the move when you use the Overnight Tote. It can hold everything you need, so you can easily solve those on-the-go problems. Quick afternoon snack? Change of clothes? Makeup check? We got you.   

The Essentials Case

Stola, Essentials Case, Home Organization

We all have those necessities we need to carry with us almost all the time. The Essentials Case helps ensure you always have these items with you. It’s more than just a traveling companion though, it can also help you organize and decorate your home.

What to do with the Essentials Case:

  • It’s the best makeup bag
  • Makes a great pencil case for class
  • Try it in a storage system for an unconventional but stylish storage solution
  • Store it on furniture in your entryway or hallway for a cute and functional addition to your home’s décor

Whether you’re at home or on the move, always have everything you need with the Essentials Case.

Live Fully with Stola

Follow any of the above links to purchase some of our awesome Stola items for yourself. Then you can use this “How-to” article to make your home more organized and add some style to your storage. Plus, you can watch our How to Clean Your Stola video to learn how to keep your products clean. Let Stola help solve your everyday problems. 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

 Copyright © 2019 by HMS Mfg. Co.  All Rights Reserved

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