March Trends: Stola Style

Welcome to our March edition of Stola Style. This month we’re featuring Anthony, a photographer working with the Stola team. Anthony is the man responsible for most of our original Stola photography, as well as our videos. He’s behind our unique lifestyle images and Stola product shots. Read March’s Stola Style post to learn a little more about Anthony and put a face to the name behind our amazing photography. 

Anthony’s Take on the Beginning of Spring 

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“We’re in the beginning phases of March and I cannot wait for spring! I have been preparing for the warmer months by organizing my garage in my new home. Using the HI-RISE PRO™ for miscellaneous items and tools has allowed me to prepare for my warm weather projects and provided me with more space for all the tools I want but don’t always need.”


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“My March must-haves are front pocketed hoodies. I love a good hoodie. I have them in a bunch of colors and I like them in a larger size, so I can be even more comfy. Comfort is a big factor in my personal style, so if it doesn’t feel good on my skin I don’t even bother. The weather can be rough up here in the mitten state and staying warm is a must—unless you want to end up with hypothermia—so always keep a hoodie around people!” 

Seasonal Activities 

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“I spend most of my time cuddling up with my wife during this time of year, but we like to go out and visit family and spend time with our three nephews. Two of them are twins, nine years old, and the third one is eight. We play board games and watch movies.”


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“My wife and I meal prep for every meal of the week. We have gathered a plethora of recipes throughout the years and we cycle through them as the weeks go by, adding new ones here and there. My favorite has to be the Puerto Rican style chicken soup my wife makes with rice, potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash, so good! We also have fun mixing up our in-between meals snack. Currently I’m on a coconut yogurt with raspberries kick.”

March Pastimes

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“I work a lot, even when I get home I work—I do a lot of freelance and different projects for myself and other people. When I get some chill time, I spend it with my wife catching up on our favorite shows and basketball. Our favorite shows are currently 60 Days In, The Flash, Married at First Sight, and The Walking Dead. Go Lakers! They’re not doing so hot at the current moment.”

What’s Trending In Your Life?

Thanks for tuning in this month to read our march Stola Style feature on Anthony. Though the weather has been a little warmer around here, we’re still waiting for spring to bloom. Let us know in the comments what’s trending in your life this month! 

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