Master Spring DIY With This Helpful Guide

As we move past these first few weeks of spring, that age-old adage comes to mind: “April showers bring May flowers.” If you’re stuck inside a lot this month due to rainstorms, we’ve got some ideas to help keep you busy.

Read this helpful guide to learn about some spring DIY projects you can tackle to stay active during those April showers. You can take these projects on solo or get the whole family involved.

These DIY ideas make for great weekend family time or after work/school projects. Complete them during the rainy weather so that you can stay engaged instead of being engrossed by a screen. Jump into some Spring DIY with this helpful guide!

For When the Sun Eventually Returns 

spring diy, helpful guide

Every elementary school has creative projects—they’re basically training for all the DIY activities everyone gets excited about these days. A popular craft for K-5 students is creating decorative stepping stones.

Now that we’re all a little older, some of those old craft projects that our parents kept may make us cringe. But luckily, all of our crafting skills have improved with age.

Now it’s time to take another crack at the elementary stepping stone project and create a decorative stone walkway for your yard. This is a very made-from-scratch DIY project, but you can also buy plain stones to make this craft a little easier.


Stepping stone mold (try a pie tin!)

Stepping stone concrete or quick-setting concrete (if you’re making many stones)

Nonstick cooking spray

A bucket

A mixer (maybe an old stirring spoon?)

Old newspaper or an old tablecloth (for easy clean-up)

Decorations (can be whatever you want, like sea glass, broken pottery pieces, etc.)


  1. Place the newspaper or tablecloth over the area you plan to work.
  2. Line your molds with cooking spray.
  3. Luckily for us, concrete bags come with instructions on how to mix! Follow those to properly mix your concrete.
  4. When finished mixing, pour into your molds.
  5. Now’s the time to decorate! Place whatever decorative materials you choose on the top of the mold. Push down for a more indented look or place gingerly on top for a raised sensation. You can also go for a simple look and just do impressions of objects such as flowers, leaves, or sea shells!
  6. Allow the stone to dry for ~36 hours in a dry, out-of-the-way area.
  7. Remove from the mold and enjoy placing your DIY stepping stones around your yard during the next sunny day.

When You Just Can’t Wait for May Flowers 

spring diy, helpful guide

Time for a more creative way to display flowers around your home. This whimsical Umbrella Wreath idea is a great way to brighten up your home. Fake flowers would be easy to use for this, but we’re going to base our instructions off using a real bouquet.

If you decide to go with a fake bouquet, there’s no need for the aquatubes. You can hang these flowers on your front door, or from a hook on the wall for a twist on your spring flower décor.


A bouquet of flowers 

12 aquatubes (for fresh flowers)

A stylish, long handled umbrella (with a curve at the end!)

A colorful ribbon to match the flowers

Wall or door hanger

2 buckets or vases  


  1. Trim your bouquet to remove any damaged petals or leaves and shorten the stems a bit.
  2. Fill your aquatubes about 2/3rds of the way full with water, then place individual flowers in the aquatubes.
  3. Set the flowers in a bucket or vase to keep them upright while you prepare the umbrella.
  4. Set the umbrella in your 2nd bucket or vase to keep it upright.
  5. Loosely tie your ribbon about ¼ of the way down from the umbrella opening. It’s only in place right now to keep the flowers upright as you place them inside.
  6. Carefully arrange the bouquet of flowers within the umbrella.
  7. Tighten the ribbon and wrap this easy décor item up with a bow!
  8. Hang mostly upright on your front door or on an under decorated wall to bring some flowers into your home during the rainy season.

Don’t Forget to Brighten Up Your Walls 

spring diy, helpful guide

My friends are talented at making DIY gifts, especially paintings. If you love to have custom artwork around your home but aren’t a master painter, check out this DIY painting. It’s simple, so even the artistically-challenged can create a beautiful piece of artwork for the home this spring.


Old newspapers or tablecloth (easy clean-up!)

Blank canvas

Bright paint (such as pastels) 

Spray bottle of water 


  1. Place the newspaper or tablecloth over the area you plan to work.
  2. Randomly splash your paints onto the blank canvas.
  3. Prop the canvas up vertically.
  4. Spray the canvas generously with water using the spray bottle so that the paint drips down the canvas. Let dry.
  5. That’s it! The painting is all ready to go. You can add additional details if you like, but this is a simple method to have one of your own creations decorating your home.

What DIY Projects Will You Do This Spring?

Our Stola products can help you store, transport, and organize all your DIY materials and décor this season. Check them out in our shop tab, and easily get through those rainy spring days with these DIY ideas for your home. Let us help you be creative this spring. And you can help by letting us know in the comments if they’re any DIY projects you’re planning. 

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