Mom’s Survival Guide to Back to School with Stola

Do “Back to School” the right way this year with the help of our versatile Stola products. Whether you’re preparing for the first year of pre-school or helping your college freshman move into dorms, our back to school survival guide will help you get through the start of the new school year.

Elementary Adventures  

Maybe your kids are just starting grade school, or they’ve already graduated to upper elementary. Either way, you have to prepare for the new school year. Luckily, we’ve got your perfect “Mommy” tote to help ease the transition from summer fun to school days.

Our Stola Overnight Tote can help you stay organized, on-the-go, and ready for anything as you send your elementary-aged kids off on a new adventure. It’s the right size to fit any extra things your child might have forgotten during those first few days while being dropped off. Sweater, no problem; folders and notebooks, check; need a pencil or pen, have an extra from the Essentials Case

In addition to all those extra school supplies, you’ll be able to fit whatever you need for the rest of the day as well. Whether you’re going to work, breakfast, the grocery store, or the gym, this tote can carry it all.

Surviving Middle School

So, it’s time to start those awkward middle school years and your both feeling a little bit anxious about it. During these formative years your kids may spend less time with you and more time with new friends and other kids their own age. They’ll join school sports teams and clubs and adolescence will really shake up their—and your—activities. 

You can keep in stride with this switch with the help of the Stola Utility Tote. It’s collapsible, so you can easily store it in your car and be prepared for the twist and turns of middle school. Just found out you have to pick up extra snacks for that game or club event? Fast and easy with this Stola tote.

It's also environmentally friendly by allowing you to skip the plastic bags. Other great uses: science project carrier, game day sports gear holder, or sleepover packaged food deliverer.  

Trending High Schoolers  

Back to high school for your teen. It’s the start of a new academic year and your kid is quickly growing up and getting closer to adulthood. Part of this transition is navigating what’s trending right now and how to stay in fashion.  So, your high schooler is probably starting to break away from more traditional school supplies—maybe trading a backpack for a tote and a notebook for an iPad.

Help them stay on trend with the Stola Essentials Case. It’s a fashionable alternative to a pencil case so that your teen can take notes in style. It can also be used to hold art supplies for the more creative teens or as a makeup bag that fits even a large eye shadow pallet.

Keeping up with the College-aged

Stola offers great products for adult women of any age. So, for the always on-the-go college student, you can gift some new Stola products to help them stay organized. A must-have is the Stola File Bin.

Everyone has important documents lying around, but college students especially have papers, syllabi, and assignments they need to keep track of through the semester. The File Bin can easily store all of this and is a stylish addition to their apartment or dorm room.

Another great dorm room addition: The Full Cube Storage Bin. Storage cubes are a staple piece of furniture for college students. This cube has the added bonus of being fashionable. Plus, it has a clear lid, so, when they are tired from studying for exams, they can easily see what they stored inside. Help your college-bound student with Stola.

School Style with Stola  

From young 5’s to college seniors, Stola can help you (and them) stay on track to go back to school. Check out our whole collection at and see how Stola fits into your life. Stay up-to-date with all things Stola by following our Facebook and Instagram page, and check back in a two weeks for a post about how to decorate with some of our awesome Stola products.  

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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