Planning the Perfect Egg Hunt This Holiday Weekend

The egg hunt is an important tradition throughout America—even the White House hosts one annually. So, if your holiday weekend plans involve this activity, you’ve come to the right place—especially if you have yet to plan that egg hunt.

This post will take you through our tips for creating and executing the perfect egg hunt during this holiday weekend. Whether you’re organizing this activity for an only child, siblings, or a group of children, you can find all the information you’ll need in this post.

To create this perfect egg hunt I’ll take you through all the important steps, including where to hide the eggs, different items to put inside them, and the best way to execute your egg hunt.  

Creating the Perfect Egg Hunt

Hiding Spots

egg hunt, holiday weekend

Let’s start off with hiding places. Remember, it’s all about location, location, location. And similar to real estate, the outside is important too.

With these warmer spring days we’ve had, creating a mix of indoor and outdoor hiding places is a great way to extend the egg hunt and make it more exciting so the kids can be entertained for hours.

Check out this list for ideas on where to hide all your eggs:

  • In bushes around the house – carefully balance eggs between branches so they stay in place (you can also do this with short trees)
  • On the porch/deck/patio – use furniture and decorations in these outdoor areas for creative hiding spots
  • Indoor plants – try to conceal eggs near the base of plants, or in hanging plant baskets
  • Play sets – kids already love climbing all over their play sets
  • Sandbox – they might need some help with this one; bury the eggs shallowly in sandbox corners so they’re not too hard to find
  • Tissue box – the perfect place to hide one or two colorful eggs
  • Inside shoes – an easy hidden-in-plain-sight idea
  • Stuffed animals – hide a few eggs amongst a stuffed animal pile
  • Bookshelves – easily hide eggs between books or on top of them

There are lots of other places too—amongst home decorations, within drawers, or inside food containers (such as egg cartons, or cereal boxes), but our main list aims to feature areas where kids will make less of a mess looking for them.

Items to Hide

egg hunt, holiday weekend

Candy is a big go-to when it comes to egg hunt prizes, but it’s time to get a little more creative this year. My parents would always include a few eggs with money in them; small sums such as dollar bills or quarters.

It’s hard to find items that fit in the normal small eggs, but you can always opt for large eggs to hide even more goodies for your children to find. Small stuffed animals, action figures, or dolls could easily fit in these. Make your egg hunt more exciting this year with varying egg sizes that allow you to hide a range of prizes.

Executing the Perfect Egg Hunt

egg hunt, holiday weekend

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration for where to hide and what to hide, it’s time for your perfect egg hunt execution. These tips go above just randomly hiding the eggs; we want to help your egg hunt go smoothly.

To start, you should pick the best time to hide eggs. This is really based on your schedule, but hiding them before your kids wake up to enjoy an early morning egg hunt would be the easiest. Barring that, you can have your spouse (or another family member) take the kids for a few hours while you hide everything.

Another tip for your egg hunt to go smoother: paint a number on each of the eggs you hide. This way you can keep track of what eggs have been found. It’s also helpful to create a list of where you’ve hidden each egg, so that you can give hints to your children if necessary.

Just make sure to keep the list in a place they’ll never find. Since you’ve numbered all the eggs, you can easily match the number to the place they’re hidden. 

How to Plan a Fair Group Egg Hunt

egg hunt, holiday weekend

My last round of tips for planning the perfect egg hunt applies if you have a group of children. I think this is the best method even if you only have two children. It keeps everything fair and allows each child to get the same amount of eggs.

For a smooth group activity, assign each kid an egg color. They can only collect eggs that are their assigned color, so everyone gets an equal amount of eggs with similar prizes. If you are only planning the activity for two children, you could even take it a step further and have a “dividing line” so there are certain areas each kid can and can’t look for eggs.

Now You’re Ready to Pull Off the Perfect Egg Hunt

Equipped with these tips for hosting a creative egg hunt, your holiday weekend is sure to go smoothly—at least for the children. Just follow this guide and enjoy some relaxation time while your kids are entertained. Do you have any tips for egg hunts? Let us know in the comments!

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