The Story of Stola: Stylish Fashion Bags & Decorative Storage Bins

fashion bag, decorative storage bin, stylish storage, stola

To tell you the story of this uniquely fashionable—and functional—product line, we’re going to have to do a bit of traveling. Approximately 8000 miles of travel, all the way from our office in Troy, Michigan to the bustling streets in China.

This is where Michael, our developer, discovered an easily wipeable, water resistant material. He challenged his team to take this material and create solutions: deliver a new product to solve everyday problems. From this challenge, Stola was born.

What is Stola?

fashion bag, decorative storage bin, stylish storage, stola

Stola is a line of chic fashion bags and decorative storage bins able to be used at home as well as out in the world as part of your everyday life. Built by the innovative product development team at HMS Mfg. Co., this contemporary merchandise conveys an upscale quality, without the heavy price tag.

When tasked with designing a product from this material, our team worked with the consumer in mind. We know that you’re on-the-go, and these items are made to match your lifestyle. Generation One of the Stola line includes five products: 

  • The Essentials Case: Whether you’re getting ready at the gym or carrying art supplies to class, make sure you have all your essentials anywhere you go!
  • The Overnight Tote: Last-minute work trip? Full-day schedule with three stops? This extra-large fashion bag conveniently holds everything you need.
  • The Utility Tote: Perfect for sports equipment, dog toys, and weekly groceries, this tote is great for the messy parts of life.
  • The Full Bin with Lid: Stylish storage that you won’t want to hide from house guests.
  • The File Bin: File folders are an eyesore; this decorative bin helps brighten up your home office and work desk.  

This blog will go into more detail about these products and how they can help you, the consumer, on a daily basis. Stola products are designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere for consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle.

With the tagline Designed to Hold the Important Things™, these trendy items help ensure that the essentials don’t get left behind. Everything you need is accessible, making your life easier.

The New Lifestyle Blog  

fashion bag, decorative storage bin, stylish storage, stola

Behind the Hummingbird™ epitomizes the spirit of its namesake. The hummingbird, a symbol of lightness, mobility, and independence, represents the design approach for our Stola products.

As Stola’s logo, it’s a brand icon that resonates with influencers and trendsetters. Similar to our target audience, the hummingbird is swift, independent, and resilient, able to flutter quickly through the daily obligations of life with an optimistic mindset.

    Stola is for those with creative ideas, uplifting messages, and adaptable personalities. It’s a line of dependable, stylish products designed to match a bold lifestyle. You live a life constantly on the move, and we want to be right there with you, so everything important is always on-hand.

    The Benefit of Behind the Hummingbird™

    fashion bag, decorative storage bin, stylish storage, stola

    You know how Stola started, you have ideas of how to use our products to make your life more convenient, and you’ve learned what Stola is all about, but why should you follow this blog? Well, we’re more than just Stola.

    We want people to know our product, our name, our story, and most importantly, we want to help you solve the problems and struggles you face on a daily basis, not only with our product, but with tips, advice, and information.

    We’re dedicated to figuring out the issues you face every day. Our hope is that this blog will help resolve your day-to-day struggles, whether you’re a college student, a recent grad, a newlywed, a new mom, or a parent of three.

    Our team of creatives has designed a blog with you in mind. We’ve incorporated features that make the blog shareable and easily navigated, including:

    • A subscription service to follow the blog and get updates
    • Social media buttons to readily share blog posts with your followers

    A Stola Finish

    fashion bag, decorative storage bin, stylish storage, stola

    Michael’s discovery of the easily wipeable, water resistant material launched Stola. We have five products in our first-generation line that are designed to make life easier for you. You’re adaptable, independent, and always on-the-go. This blog will help you navigate your busy lifestyle, offer ideas to solve everyday problems, and include tips to improve different aspects of your life.

    We know you’re busy, and that’s one reason this blog exists. We plan to post fresh content every month, so look for updates, along with occasional special posts. Plus, we’ll throw some quick Stola updates in every now and again. And, if you’re ever extremely time-crunched, every post will have a conclusion. So, you’ll always have this “too long, didn’t read” synopsis.

    From China to Metro-Detroit, the Stola journey is almost complete. Two months from now, on February 1st, we’ll launch the rest of the Stola site and officially have our product up for sale! This blog will feature our current line of fashion bags and decorative storage bins and provide you with some great life hacks and time-saving tips.

    We hope you’re as excited to follow this lifestyle blog as we are to create it; so, welcome to the adventure! And please share it with your friends, family, co-workers, teacher’s assistant, elementary principal—anyone you can think of that will benefit! Just like you, this blog is bold, creative, and dependable. This is Stola.

    Written and Published – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

    Copyright © 2018 by HMS Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.

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