The 4 Seasons of Stola: How to Use Our Products in Spring

We’re starting a new blog series this year highlighting how you can use our Stola products in different seasons. These posts will cover ways Stola can help make your life easier in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Since the first day of spring is right around the corner, we’re kicking off this series with ways you can use Stola in the spring. From now through June you can use Stola to help with all your seasonal spring activities. 

The Utility Tote is a Gardening Must-Have

Stola, Gardening, Spring, Utility Tote

If you have a green thumb, then you’re probably looking forward to taking advantage of the warmer spring weather to work on a garden or some flower/plant beds. You can make your gardening hobby even easier with the Stola Utility Tote.

This tote can hold all of your gardening supplies including extra gloves, trowels, and hand diggers. The long handles make this tote easy to carry around your yard, so all your gardening accessories can be on hand. Plus, the Utility Tote’s easily wipeable material allows you to quickly clean it after a long day of getting your hands dirty outside. 

Travel with the Overnight Tote + Essentials Case

Stola, spring, spring break, travel, overnight tote, essentials case

Springtime means spring break, and hopefully traveling somewhere with warmer weather. For all your travel needs this spring you can use the popular Overnight Tote and Essentials Case combo.

Use  these products together as your carry on or split them up. If you have checked luggage, consider using the Essentials Case as your toiletry bag. The size is designed to fit everything you need to stay fresh and look good during spring break.

Carry on your Overnight Tote while traveling. It fits everything you’ll need while hanging out at the gate or chilling on the airplane. You can fit the Essentials Cases inside this tote to separate snacks or charging cords. Travel easy with this pair of Stola products.

Spring Cleanup with the Full Bin & File Bin 

Stola, file bin, spring, spring cleaning

This time of year, everyone is cleaning and organizing their homes. People are dusting out the remnants of winter and getting ready for spring. Part of this preparation is storing away items and trying to make the household look more presentable.

You can use the Stola Full Bin and the Stola File Bin to help organize your home during spring cleanup this year. The File Bin is mostly self-explanatory—use it to organize the paper clutter lying around your house. 

Stola, Full Bin with Lid, Spring, Spring Cleaning

The Full Bin with Lid can help you find a place for those hard-to-store items. It’s great for holding winter comfort items, such as warm blankets or slippers. This bin is a fashionable storage solution that you don’t have to hide away, so you can more easily organize your space.

Watch Spring Bloom with Stola           

Do you have any big plans or exciting hobbies you’re looking forward to this spring? Let us know in the comments! Hopefully our Stola products can help you out this season. And feel free to share any of your spring Stola looks with us on our Facebook or Instagram

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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