Unique Ways to Use Your Stola Products

We have tons of ideas and suggestions throughout this blog for how to use your Stola products. Some are pretty obvious, while others you might not think of when your first see our product.

There are multiple ways our fashionable and functional Stola products can help you out and make everyday life easier. For this blog post we brainstormed some unique ways you can use our products that we haven’t covered before.

Some of these ideas come directly from customer feedback we’ve received about our Stola products. Others are our own creative ideas for diverse ways to use Stola. Read on to learn about some unusual ways you can use Stola. 

The Utility Tote

Stola, Utility Tote, Laundry Tote

As our largest Stola product, the Utility Tote can hold a lot. Due to its size, our customers have found tons of different ways to use it. One reviewer said they use the Utility Tote for doing laundry, which is a use we’ve never considered.

The tote has long handles, so it would be easy to carry a load of laundry to and from the washer and dryer in your home. Plus, it’s easy to fold and store, so instead of having a large laundry basket taking up space, you can use the Utility Tote as a stylish alternative.

Another reviewer claimed Stola is great for retreats, specifically quilting retreats. Quilting retreats isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when considering a Stola tote, but the Utility Tote certainly has a large enough capacity to help with almost any kind of retreat. So, you can spend less time trying to haul everything around and more time quilting—or whatever you do on your retreat.

The Full Bin with Lid 

Stola’s Full Bin is a stylish home décor piece, so what unique ways can you use it? I’ve used this bin for a few different things around my home, and it has a ton of uses. Because it’s used to hold those hard-to-store items around your house, I thought I’d try storing all of the old tech that I—and probably most of us—have in our home.

Stola, Full Bin with Lid, Decorative Storage Bin

I’m talking records, CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes—a bunch of outdated stuff I have around the house—despite being a Millennial. I plan to keep a lot of these items, and the Full Bin with Lid is a great place to store them, as well as easily hide them. However, if you’ve completely removed all pre-2010 tech from your home, try using this bin to store video games.

The Overnight Tote  

The Overnight Tote is often branded as a great work bag, and this reviewer went into detail about how useful it is for her job. 

“I started using your bag as my design tote for my appointments and running to the design center. It’s strong and large enough to hold wallpaper books beautifully, also holds blueprints, color fan deck, and my notebook, and looks neat, tidy and stylish—absolutely love it!” - MaryLou

Stola, Overnight Tote, Work Tote

A blueprint holder is certainly a unique use for The Overnight Tote that we’ve never thought about. Try using it for your job!

How Do You Use Your Stola?

Now that you’ve read about the unique ways some of our other customers use Stola, let us know how you use your Stola products! Any Stola uses we haven’t thought about? You can let us know in the comments. Or start a conversation with us on Facebook or Instagram. #ShowYourStola 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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