Inventive Valentine’s Day Ideas to Spark Romance

Are your February 14th celebrations starting to feel dull? Sort of like you’re just repeating the same ritual every year? You and your significant other go out for a fancy dinner or stay in and make something nice and you always have the same gifts. Flowers and chocolate hearts, caramels and roses.

Though Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love, it can often feel like just another date night. And though that could be great for couples who don’t get a lot of dates nights in the first place—because of kids or work or extracurricular activities—Valentine’s Day should be more.

People choose this day to get engaged, have their wedding, make elaborate romantic gestures—all in the spirit of the holiday. Check out our Valentine’s Day ideas if you’re ready to make the most out of the holiday. This article includes a new spin on classic gifts, dates that don’t include a candle-lit dinner, and other original ideas to spark romance in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Better than Flowers 

valentine's day ideas, spark romance

Traditionally a feminine gift, a bouquet of flowers has become a Valentine’s staple. My boyfriend loves to give and receive flowers, but this year I’ve considered an update to the traditional bouquet.

A rising trend the past few years has been bacon bouquets—strips of bacon rolled into flower shapes and affixed to the end of plastic stems. That link will take you to a website that sells the bouquets, but you can also make your own: all you need is some bacon, maple syrup, and brown sugar. This Delish video will take you through the steps to create a DIY bacon bouquet.    

valentine's day ideas, spark romance

Another wildly popular Valentine staple is a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Instead of spending your money on a plastic box full of mediocre treats, make your own chocolates this year. Follow the recipe below to make some fresh homemade chocolate to show your sweetheart you care.

Try mixing up the flavors with different extracts or doing some add-ins such as almonds, coconut flakes, or pretzel pieces. You’ll need a mold if you want to make chocolates, or you can make chocolate bars with a cookie sheet or glass pan.


½ cup honey

¾ cup cacao powder (can substitute cocoa powder)

1 teaspoon hazelnut extract

¾ cocoa butter (can substitute regular butter)


  1. Place cocoa butter in a microwave safe mug and melt in the microwave.
  2. Combine butter with cacao powder and hazelnut extract in a medium mixing bowl.
  3. When mixture is smooth, stir in the honey and mix well.
  4. Pour the chocolate mixture into a mold and put in the refrigerator to harden.

Skip That Corny Dinner

Leave the stress of making reservations and worrying about arriving on time behind with our recommendations for some more creative Valentine’s Day ideas. So, what sparks romance more than an expensive dinner? Actually having some fun with your Valentine.

You can get dressed up and go to a fancy dinner any time. Here are some other ways to spend the holiday. Though you can do these activities whenever, chances are they’ll be less frequented on V-day, when other couples are filling up all the nice restaurants in town.  

Double-Date Escape Room

valentine's day ideas, spark romance

What’s more romantic than solving clues to break out of a themed room your trapped in? Escape Rooms have gained popularity the last few years and are popping up everywhere. You usually get an hour to break out, but it’s not easy.

Turn this into a double-date or even a triple-date so that you have more minds to solve puzzles and find clues. Maybe you can even find an appropriately themed room for Valentine’s Day—Alice in Wonderland does have a Queen of Hearts. Work together to successfully escape the room.


Ever wanted to learn the tango or the waltz? How about swing dancing? This is one romantic event that many people don’t think of to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Dancing places seem to be few and far between these days. If there’s no good dancing locations near you, consider taking a dancing class on Valentine’s Day. Learn the proper steps to a dance together and whirl the night away.

Rock Climbing

A step above working out together, indoor rock climbing is a great way to enjoy physical activity with your partner this Valentine’s Day. It can also be a good exercise in trust. Prior to Valentine’s Day you can take a quick class at the indoor rock-climbing gym to learn how to belay.

After taking the class the gym will usually allow you to be the belayer for someone else climbing, so you can show off your belaying skills while your partner climbs. Build trust and strengthen your relationship while rock climbing this Valentine’s Day.  

Personalize Your Gifts

valentine's day ideas, spark romance

Depending on your relationship you might just stick with chocolate and roses for Valentine’s Day or be more elaborate with your gifts. This holiday is all about celebrating you and your partner’s relationship, so your gifts should be more personal. Instead of viewing it as another gift giving holiday, do something relevant to your relationship.

You could create a coupon book that they can redeem for foot rubs, getting out of housework, or choosing the restaurant the next time you go out. The coupons can be whatever you want and uniquely made to match your relationship.

Another gift idea is to buy the both of you a membership to a place you enjoy going together. Maybe a museum, the zoo, or even a movie rewards card. It’s a personalized gift with a lot of potential for future dates.

A second DIY gift option: write down something on 365 pieces of little paper and put them all together in a jar. Your partner can read one every day for the next year. You can include compliments, messages of encouragement, and reasons why you love them. The time put into this gift will really show your partner you care. As a bonus, you can color code them based on message type.

A Valentine’s Day for the Books 

Now that you have some ideas to save your Valentine’s Day from being a boring cliché, you can make sure this year you’ll have a date to remember. I might try one of those bacon bouquets, and making chocolate sounds fun.

Though not a complete list of activities, hopefully thinking about rock climbing and escape rooms gives you a starting point to come up with a non-traditional date idea to spark romance for the holiday. Let us know in the comments what you decide to do with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

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