Why We Love Stola

Stola Utility Tote


 “I love my Stola Utility Tote. I keep a couple of them, they fold flat so if I’m moving other things, I don’t have to worry about them. I live on a second-floor apartment, so this is perfect, I carry it from the car. I can carry way more groceries in here than I could just with my two arms. I get a lot of compliments on it, everyone already asks me ‘where did you get that?’, ‘what is that?’.”  


“I love my Stola Utility Tote. So, this never leaves the trunk of my car, I actually have two of them back there. This is like my end all, be all when it comes to trying to get me organized. Probably my all-time favorite. This has been the perfect thing for me to have. I take a lot of recipes with me to the grocery store, I’m still somebody who has paper recipes. So, I stick them right in the front here, and then I put this in my cart, and I have everything with me all the time.”

Stola Essentials Case


“I really love the Stola Essentials Case. It has a wipeable finish on it, so if any of my makeup gets in the bag, I easily wipe it out. They took the time to design into it a pop of color on the inside. Makes you a little bit happy when you open the bag up and you have a delightful color inside of it. It’s a really pretty case.”


“This Essentials Case goes with me everywhere I could go. And I spill all over it, I just wipe it right off. The best thing to take with me all summer long.”

Stola Overnight Tote


“I love the Stola bag. It’s just nice to be able to throw everything in there all at once. It really cleans up really well. We grab groceries in it at times, have soccer gear in it at other times. Car keys, a wallet, there’s nice little pockets that you can slide those in. I definitely have noticed getting a lot of looks about how nice it looks." 


“You can take a couple changes of clothes. I take it to the pool, you can put a couple beach towels at least. I love the material, it’s water-resistant. I can clean it, it’s easy to clean. It’s got some interior pockets, so if you want to keep your credit card and your license. So, you can bring this pretty much anywhere.”  

Stola Full Bin with Lid


“I love my Stola Full Bin because, again, it’s easy to clean. A lot of the times I’ll use it in my car. Get some wipes or paper towels and stuff if there’s any spills with the kids. Usually just keep it in the back seat on the floor, so it’s easily accessible. You can easily put it in cabinets because you can see exactly what’s in there, you can grab things easy, just unzip and it’s right there.”  


“I love our Stola Full Bin because it holds all of my kids’ toys really well. We actually use this in a cube organizing system, so we have several of them. Just take it with us in the car. It keeps all their toys and belongings in one, and then when we return home, everything’s in here, we just slide it back into the organizing system. And then you can see inside easily what the contents are, so it works perfect for our kids’ toys.”

Stola File Bin


“I love the Stola File Bin. Used to be tons of clutter in my house, now it’s all in one place. Bills, school work, projects, drawings—I know where to find it. Way less clutter in my life.”  

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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