What Stola Should you Give (or Get!) this Holiday Season?

It’s practically Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Black Friday, and that means Christmas is right around the corner. Not to pass over Thanksgiving—turkey is great—but, with Black Friday in a few days we’ve all started to at least think about Christmas shopping.

Some of us have probably even bought a few presents already. During this season of giving, consider giving the gift of Stola. Our versatile products make great gifts! Read on to find out who on your Christmas list would love Stola.

The Essentials Case

Stola, Essentials Case, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Gift

Have you heard? Our Essentials Case is the go-to makeup travel bag. It makes a great toiletry bag for trips and is also perfect for makeup enthusiasts.

It’s big enough to hold small palettes of eyeshadow and blush, brushes, plus several eyeliner or eyebrow pencils, mascaras, and lip products. Get it for your friend who travels all the time or the amateur makeup artist in your life.

The Utility Tote

Stola, Utility Tote, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Gift

Next up is our Utility Tote. It’s a big and sturdy reusable tote bag—great for carrying things—and is the go-to tote for life’s events. Whereas our other tote is more for the everyday, this is used for holding sports equipment at practices and games, transporting stuff to and from get-togethers/parties, and trips to stores or farmers markets.

This tote is a substitute for paper and plastic bags, so consider getting it for any environmentally conscious friends or family members. Or gift it to yourself if you want to help do your part for the environment.

Since it’s the go-to event tote, the Utility Tote could also be gifted to your busier friends. The ones who may have several kid’s activities to attend throughout the week, or who go to events all the time, or who have different hobby classes in their schedule. The Utility Tote will help them keep track of everything that goes along with their on-the-go lifestyle.

The Full Bin with Lid 

Stola, Full Bin, Full Bin with Lid, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Gift

This stylish home organization cube helps to declutter any home. Our cube storage bins can be used to hold hard-to-store items around the house. And because it’s so fashionable, it’s easy to leave out in the open—no need to hide it away.

This bin is great for young women starting college. Dorm rooms are tiny, so they need stylish storage they can put anywhere. Likewise, the full bin is also a great gift for your friends or family with small houses or limited home storage options.

The Overnight Tote

Stola, Overnight Tote, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Gift

As our most popular Stola product, the Overnight Tote is a multi-functional travel bag that can be used for anything from a diaper bag to a workout tote. This makes it a great gift for the new mothers in your life, or for someone with multiple kids.

But, since it’s so versatile, almost any woman would probably love this tote as a gift. Get it for your workout buddy, teacher friend, or as a Christmas gift to yourself. You definitely deserve it.

The File Bin

Stola, File Bin, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Gift

I think anyone could use the Stola File Bin in their life. Even if they already have a cabinet or banker box to store documents, the File Bin is a way more fashionable alternative. It’s easy to access for storing documents that you actually need to get to.

Everyone could use some stylish document organization in their life, and this product can be especially useful to people who have to keep track of a lot of papers—such as small business owners or students.

It’s Stola Season

Hopefully our guide to gifting Stola helps shorten your Christmas list this year. And if you’re at a loss for who to give it to, try it out for yourself! If you do decide to gift or give Stola, share your pictures with us on our Facebook or Instagram. Happy gift hunting! 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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