What to Pack for Vacation with Stola

At some point we’ve all thought about going on vacation with only a carry-on. The freedom of being able to pack as light as possible and not have to worry about exceeding weight limits on checked luggage during a week-long trip. It’s the travel dream.

Well, Stola can help your travel dreams come true. The Overnight Tote is great for overnight and weekend trips, but it’s also a perfect carry-on for most flights! (Remember to check your airlines for specific carry-on policies.) 

So, why not take it a step further and use the Overnight Tote for a week-long trip? Read on to learn some tricks about successfully packing for a long vacation using only a carry-on tote. And don’t forget to pair it with the Essentials Case! 

Carry-on Style with the Overnight Tote

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Your trek into the unknown territory of no checked luggage is made a little easier—and more stylish—with the Overnight Tote. You can pack your electronics—including your tablet, chargers, and adapters—in a small backpack, along with any other entertainment you want to bring, maybe a few books.

You’ll also probably want to include a purse as your personal item for your wallet, passport, and other small items. Though the interior pockets of the tote are also great for fitting ID and credit cards.

Next comes your clothes. For a week-long trip, rolling clothes is always a good strategy for saving space, especially when only using a carry-on. If you choose to roll-up your clothes, you can simply put them right into the tote.

You could also buy a set of traveling packing cubes to easily separate clothes in your Overnight Tote. Some of the cubes even have labels, so you can remember which one has your socks and which one has your shirts.

And finally, you’ve got to pack shoes and accessories. There are lots of cute portable jewelry organizers out there for travel. I personally have one for earrings that really comes in handy.

As for shoes, I usually have a rule of three. One pair of comfy shoes, one pair of nice shoes, and a pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops are great for beach vacations or places with questionable showers, but if your vacation sticks more to dry land, you can always change a pair of flip flops out for another pair of shoes. 

With your cubes, shoes, and backpack placed inside the Overnight Tote, you’re all set to start packing your next Stola item.

Your Essentials + The Essentials Case

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After packing outfits, electronics, and accessories, it’s time to think about all the travel-sized daily toiletries you’ll need. After packing your little shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles in a TSA-approved bag, you can place it with the rest of your toiletries in the Essentials travel case.

It’s big enough to fit almost any makeup and toiletries you will need over your week-long trip. Just as long as all your plastic bottles are under 3-ounces, you should have no problem fitting a week’s worth of essentials from your daily routine in your carry-on. Put it in the Overnight Tote with the rest of your packed stuff and be on your way with Stola. 

Traveling with Stola  

Stola truly helps you prepare for the unexpected, so why not use it for travel? Easily keep everything together when you travel with just a carry-on, especially when using the Overnight Tote as your carry-on. Share your Stola travel style with us on Instagram or Facebook!

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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