Winter Style That Helps You Stay Warm & Look Great

We’ve still got at least a month of winter to trudge through, closer to two if you live in the Midwest. This cold season tends to be full of a lot of oversized sweaters, leggings, and multiple pairs of scarves and gloves. But just because you’re dressing to survive the cold doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Winter style is a category all its own, and we’ve researched some fashion trends for winter that’ll help you stay warm and be fashionable.

Trending Styles


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Layering is good for more than just spring and autumn days that fluctuate by 30 degrees. It’s also a great way to still wear some of your summer items without freezing in these cold temperatures. Cardigans and thin undershirts are a great start to achieving this look; don’t be afraid to layer it up with several clothing items!


winter style, stay warm 

Western accents are big in fashion right now, especially for spicing up winter style. Switch out your normal winter snow boots for some cowboy boots or riding-esque boots for fashionable footwear that follows this trend.

Padded Jackets

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You can’t stay warm all winter with a lightweight coat. Luckily for the fashion-over-comfort types, padded jackets are in. No need to freeze when dressing up this winter.


winter style, stay warm 

We’re only one year away from a reemergence of the Roaring Twenties, and fashion designers are preparing. The fringe look is coming back into style, so get ready to shop for flapper-esque dresses and fringed cardigans.


winter style, stay warm

I’m not pushing a long, billowing superhero-type cape here, but there’s definitely subtle cape-inclusive looks out there to keep your fashion trends up-to-date. This is a trend to try; you can stay warm with the popular caped-cardigan mixture. 

Swinging Sixties

Reminiscent of cultural revolution and independence, 60s fashion is making a come-back. Mini-dresses and short skirts won’t protect you from the winter chill, but this is a decade of bold colors and designs that will give you some bright looks to stand out this winter. 


The chic form of plaid, check clothing is especially trendy this season. Good for more than just scarfs, this style comes in all forms. Pants, sweaters, maxi-dresses, even a sweatshirt dress—there are plenty of check clothing options to keep you warm.


winter style, stay warm

A great trend to follow throughout the cold months, knitwear is on the up and up for fashion this year. Don’t fret if you’re tired of wearing knitwear sweaters already, there’s multiple styles of this fashion. So, you can easily switch up your sweater weather look, or be a little more fancy with a knitwear dress. 


Lighter is in this year. Pantone’s color of the year 2019 is Living Coral, and similar shades are trending in the fashion world. Sorbet hues are popular, think peach, pistachio, and límon. With this pastel look, your wintertime outfits can effortlessly be worn in spring as well.

What to Wear

Sweater Dress

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For those business professional office spaces, a sweater dress is the optimal fashion piece to keep warm in style. This piece can easily be dressed up or down as well, so it works in versatile workplace environments. Plus, this outfit allows you to easily mesh with changing environments for when you’re attending events or dinners after work.

Cashmere/Wool Trench

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If you’re looking for a dressier outerwear style, the winter trench coat is for you. Automatically dress up your outfit with a cashmere trench this season, even if you’re only wearing jeans or leggings.

Stylish Turtlenecks

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Who knew Steve Jobs favorite piece of clothing would gain traction in the trending fashion world? Fashionable turtle necks are in this winter, so don’t be afraid to rock this look. Aside from being cozy and warm, a chic turtleneck will give you style points this season.

Matching Outerwear

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Everything is better when you’re matching. Finding a cute hat/glove combo is a must to stay trendy during the winter. Opting for brightly colored outerwear will help you stand out among the crowd, so everyone can notice your fashion-forward choices this winter. Bonus points if your scarf matches.

Cowboy, Combat, & Knee-highs

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To go along with the cowgirl trend, cowboy boots are one of the three trending boot styles this season. Check your winter footwear collection to follow these trends.

The combat look is weaving its way into different clothing pieces throughout the industry, including emerging in footwear. As seen on runways, combat boots have come back in style, so hopefully you kept a pair you can dig out of the closet.

Knee-highs and thigh-highs are a hit every winter, but this year it’s all about the right material. Leather and pleather are the in-style for tall boots.

Ankle Jeans  

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I try to avoid jeans in the summer, but shorts and skirts are not made to fight that winter cold. Since pants are a must during the winter, opt for ankle jeans. A trendy item to keep your legs warm, and a little classier than leggings.

Create Your Winter Style

I’ve listed below the fashion sites I researched to find the latest winter trends for 2019. Check out the links for more ideas to create your signature winter look. And don’t forget to comment below and let us know what trending style or clothing item you’re most excited to try. Did any of your staple winter items make the list?

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